House Rules

Below, you’ll find some of our house rules. If you have any questions concerning our policies, please contact us. 

  1. Please respect our home, property, and belongings. We live here too.
  2. Please respect our private personal spaces such as our kitchen, laundry room, garage, shed, and third floor.
  3. If you have any questions about any of the artwork, paintings, and/ or photography for sale, please let us know and we’d be happy to help you.
  4. Please be respectful and mindful of our neighbors in regards to parking, noise level, and activities.
  5. Please be respectful and mindful to the other guests enjoying our home & B&B.
  6. Please alert us to any visiting family, friends, or acquaintances to our B&B. We reserve the right and discretion to reject or approve a request. Our home, B&B, and property are for registered guests only.
  7. Please abide by our “Quiet Time” Policy.
  8. Absolutely NO lit candles or live fires are allowed to be used by guests in the rooms and on the property.
  9. Please refrain from eating in the guest rooms, guest beds, or sofa beds. Meals are welcome in the two dining rooms and outdoor spaces.
  10. No glass or glass containers of any kind in the pool or on pool pavers area.
  11. Conservation is important to us so please:
    • Let us know if the linens in your room DO NOT need to be washed daily by speaking to us directly or by placing the linens placard on your bed before leaving for the day.
    • Let us know if you need your towels to be replaced. Please leave dirty towels on the bathroom floor and leave any clean or reusable towels on the racks or hooks. Every bit helps in water and laundry soap conservation.
    • Deposit trash and recyclables in the correct indoor or outdoor receptacles.
    • DO NOT flush wipes, makeup remover wipes, sanitary products, paper towels, and other trash down the toilet; instead, please deposit them into the trash cans provided. Flushing wipes and other trash down into the sewer will create dangerous obstructions.